English Ancestry - Family history enquries
English Ancestry - Family history enquries


Discovering the story of past generations is a fascinating journey.

Where did your ancestors live?
Did they stay local, or were they more adventurous and moved around the country?

How did they earn a living? 


Did they work at a local farm? 
Toil for long hours at the local mill? 
Maybe they were in service?
 Or did they run a shop or small business?

The possibilities are endless.

English Ancestry is a professional family history service that can uncover the intriguing facts about your ancestors.

We consult the original historical documents in our research.

The most important of these are the birth, marriage & death registers; parish registers; and census returns. However, we also consult many other sources, such as wills, local directories, education records, military records and local newspaper articles.


 English Ancestry is run by a highly experienced researcher  who:

  • Is a chartered librarian.
  • Has many years' experience of interpreting old documents, including Parish Registers, Census returns, wills and many other sources.
  • Is a graduate of one of the UK's Top Ten universities.


Whether you need a full family tree, or help with your own research, 
we offer a thoroughly researched and accurate service,
 tailored to your own personal requirements.

 For more information, please contact English Ancestry:

Tel: 01509 842749
Email: sales@englishancestry.co.uk


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